Gattuso out for six months

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MILAN, 9 Decembers - Lesion to the crossed legamento front of the ginocchio skillful: the outcome of the magnetic resonance made from Gennaro Gattuso is this that tomorrow it will go to Anversa in order is made to visit from professor the Martens. The rossonero centrocampista has been made badly in the course of the game of Sunday against the Catania but it was however remained in field till the 90 '. Gattuso, accompanied from the sanitary coordinator of the Milan Jean Pierre Meersseman, will leave domattina for Anversa where it will come visited from professor the Martens.

ACTS GIA' TOMORROW? - It could be operated already tomorrow to Anversa Gennaro Gattuso, if dottor the Martens will confirm the lesion to the crossed legamento front of the ginocchio skillful. In this case, the season for the rossonero centrocampista practically would be ended, since the recovery times for this type of participation are advanced to the six months. It would be be a matter of the longer absence from the fields from game for Gattuso that, in its career, does not have a thus serious accident never quickly. After the contest with the Catania, a pain P2o had perceived but nobody thought that the situation was thus serious. Instead, the examinations carried out in the afternoon have evidenced a lesion of the front crusader and staff the rossonero doctor has quickly decided to consult professor the Martens, considered one of the expert maximums of traumi to the ginocchio

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