“Ronaldinho-Milan to days the agreement”

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Bronzetti explains the choice of Barcelona “in the negotiation enters Zambrotta”

As law on newspapers is the will of Ronaldinho to go to the Milan word of Ernesto Bronzetti. “In the next few days one will perfect the principle of agreement between the player and the rossonera society that already is at this point famous negotiation because Barcelona has authorized the player to dealing with other clubs and this has allowed to the brother proxy De Assis to catch up Milan in order to speak directly with the rossonera leadership”.

Bronzetti speaks then about the reasons that would be pushing Barcelona to deprive themselves of the Brazilian ace: “Al moment between the two societies exists already a telephone contact, than it will be translate in an appointment in the next times. Barcelona, that it has a tide of attacking, has the necessity to sell of someone for via of the Spanish system of the control. Moreover it must hold account of the fact that the players have need of constant stimuli, and Ronaldinho, evidently, to this point wants to change air. The atmosphere of the Milan is that most right one for the Brazilian. Moreover the thing is tied to the Zambrotta negotiation”.

Bronzetti then refutes an interest of the Inter on the Brazilian talent: “They are not to acquaintance of a real interest of the nerazzurri in the comparisons of the player. Creed that on that forehead is trying to intavolare a negotiation with Diarra rather”. Bronzetti then touches also the market of Rome and Juventus: “The Rome knows to move much good on the market and in years it has demonstrated the slid it making case with some important players and then at the same time intelligent purchases. This year the man could be Mancini “case” of the Rome, even if to me he turns out that the society giallorossa will not have necessity some to make case… The Rome is muovendo on four or five players and of it will take sure to an important pair a lot. I cannot make names, but I can reveal that their origin is European. To Rome a weight forward is attempted and in particular I would make attention a player of the Mallorca that has made 20 goals (Guiza, ndr)”. At last the Juve: “The Juventus is much neighbor to Amauri and is on the traces of Flamini, but this is at this point famous what”.

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