Fire week for Amauri

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In the next few days there will be the encounter for the free way of the Brazilian to the Juve
This is the more important week, that decisive one. Amauri will have, soon, clearer ideas on its future. Juventus and Palermo will be met in order to discuss about the transfer of the Brazilian to Turin. Cobolli, Blanc and Secco will speak with Zamparini and Foschi to house of the rosanero president.

Little details lack only. The negotiation, begun already from some month, has arrived to the final struck ones. The only obstacles that still divide the parts are two: the perplexities of some bianconeri players, that they would come used like contropartita, to the transfer in Sicily; the balancing in money that the Juventus will pour to Palermo for having the Brazilian forward.

Insomma, dilemmas nearly completely melted. To not it will want a lot us because the two parts find an understanding. The destiny of Amauri seems colored of bianconero.

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