Mexes-Milan, because it will be made

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The new name for the defense of the Milan is Philippe Mexes. The rossonera society can count on three centers them of sure confidence, also from the identifying point of view, like Nesta, Kaladze and Bonera and therefore has decided to complete the relative picture to that unit heading at the 26enne French, under contract with the Rome till 2011, but not more in great tuning with the atmosphere after the expulsion, from the most thought decisive inside of the club, made up for in the game badge with the Inter to San Siro, to February. With the Rome in advantage for the 1-0 and Inter in ten cause accidents to chain, Mexes had been made to expel for an participation, even also not punibile with the yellow second cartellino after to have made up for the first one, for protests. However or, a decisive episode, since ten against ten, in full recovery, the Inter had succeeded in pareggiare with a great goal of Zanetti.

He is broken something between Mexes and the Rome, and the Milan is ready to take part in order to make sure the player that Frank Baldini had carried in happens them in 2004 gaining the competition of Manchester United. Of the rest, than the Rome it has need of fresh money is famous what and report every day, like is also obvious from the great movement of offering that Arabic oil tankers and magnates of the finance arrive from. Thus the sacrifice of Mexes (which, but, has thrown water on the fire having said that “the money is not all”) is one of the more reliable hypotheses (appraisal than 12-14 million) in order to heal the budget partially. For the Milan, a necessary operation, from the moment that the next season not will be more Cafu and Serginho and is from deciding the future of Paolo Maldini.

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