The new Ibra, Totti and Ronaldo are all from Morocco

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Looks like Cristiano Ronaldo, named Adel Taarabt. This presentation introduces the screens of Youtube stunts of the last Moroccan magician appeared on stages in Europe.
The last, because one of the players coming from the Sahara seems a real invasion. Born in the late 1980s, blooming all in one shot; grew up in minor Championships and today ready to win La Liga, Serie A or Premier. Even in their case, simply pay money to see camel.
Adel Taarabt, "new Cristiano Ronaldo" (1989)
Attacking midfielder "skills and tricks", born in Morocco, raised his profile exploded in France and England. The Premier has already tasted: 9 matches at Tottenham (which rips to competition from Arsenal and Chelsea), after a transfer which he hasn't struggled to define "the biggest mistake of his career".
Passed to QPR, he became captain of the team and he led to promotion to the sound of goals (19) and assists (16), that have earned the title of best player of the Championship.
Is ready to try the adventure in the Premier League, but difficult to do with Briatore's team. In Italy Lazio liked and keeps an eye on Inter.
Two sole contraindications: nearly unpronounceable name and a "that recently led to give farewell to national (22 years), having discovered not to be among the owners in the race against Algeria.
In his repertoire as many fake, twisting, touches on the outside and with the sole: so, a little boy, was quickly dubbed the "new Zidane".
The label was changed when it is revealed his fondness for played spectacular at all costs, the limit of the pride, which merged with considerable rapidity of legs made it the "new Cristiano Ronaldo". The first to send its observers to see it? Not surprisingly, was Sir Alex Ferguson.
El Arabi, the "New Deal" (1987)
Atypical striker, those who like to backtrack to midfield to take the ball, participate in the operation, sending his teammates scored with altruism.
Without, however, be penalized under the door: If there is a score, it is always ready, as confirmed by the numbers: 30 goals in 75 matches with Caen are not few. The most famous remains, Olympique de Marseille debut against champions Marseille Deschamps, with whom he was speechless the Velodrome and turns to Europe as a whole.
Excellent individual technique (in September 2008 was convened in National French under-21 soccer), dribbling, striker but also knows how to make mezzapunta.
It seems the portrait of Francesco Totti, and instead is the franco-Moroccan El Arabi. It is no coincidence that liked to Rome, although now moved decisively Genoa.
Needless to say, for the series to let the Olympique de Marseille in a jiffy.
Marouane Chamakh, "new Dugarry" (1984)
Is one that has less need of presentations, being already landed a top club like Arsenal.
In France took just call it the "new Dugarry", simply because, as the calciopoli, played in Bordeaux. A label that does not make justice. Maybe not ever win a World Cup, but his football skills are considerably above those of the French.
In common they have physical and not exactly impressive numbers in terms of achievements. It remains however one of those attackers always helpful to the cause. The blessing of Arsene Wenger is worth more than many words.
El Kabir, the "new Ibrahimovic" (1988)
Less than sensational twists, is no longer on the market. If it is already assured, thanks to a blitz of Cellino a couple of months ago.
He resembles physically (1.78 is high and has a tendency to put on weight), did his technique and his charisma. Yet, for all, is the new Zlatan. The reason? As Ibrahimovic, simply, he grew up in Holland, passing by the Ajax youth Academy. Moroccan origin, Dutch passport, exploded in the Swedish Championship: another weak point of contact with Ibra. He will truly be the new phenomenon of our Serie A? Cagliari are all convinced. So much so that, on the forum, have already renamed El Kebab.
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