The big Red snub. Agent: "hard to go to Barça"

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Giuseppe RossiVillarreal's Giuseppe Rossi is in four seasons, Spain scored 51 goals in 127 presence in La Liga (Getty)PHOTOS: The births of the English Premier League-The births of Liga-The births of the German Bundesliga-The births of French Ligue 1

"I think it's very difficult Red sign for the Boat: Although we have 45 million for the market and spend them for Sanchez 30, then there is no money to pay for the transfer of Red". It said during the program Attorney of COM Esports Rossi, Italian-American striker pursuant to Villarreal, Andrea Pastorello. In short, more Alexis Sanchez approaches the Boat and Giuseppe Rossi away, so the passage of the Red Boat hardly happen.

"Better like-added shepherd boy-because if engage Sanchez is because they didn't want to at 100% and in this case better not go to a team that you want to 100%. If the Boat should prove it wants Red, otherwise free to pick who they want. No problem, is soccer. And soccer doesn't end in Barcelona ". At this point the attacker "can wait another year or continue at Villarreal CF, where he is very good," said Shepherd.

And for the young Italian talent from four years to Villarreal, have not yet been submitted of offers from big series a. Juventus and Inter have not yet contacted the player that is intended to leave his team saw that does not appear in commercials for the campaign subscriptions of the Spanish club.

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can u update live matches of Juventus

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one of the Great young stars of Italy football