Milan, Ambrosini contract renewal and Amelia linked with Roma

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Fresh renewal of contract with AC Milan, Massimo Ambrosini is sure that eventually will also Clarence Seedorf and opens the door of the locker room to Javier Pastore-Palermo playmaker. "I'm glad, that's what we wanted all" explained Ambrosini arriving at an event designer Dolce Gabbana & after signing the contract extension, which, he explained, "is not a formality: in every negotiation everyone pulls from his part, is normal."

The captain explained to the microphones to announce Sky "his desire has always been to stay at Milan", but has not denied that Rome has expressed some interest in him: "at this time many companies do not have clear its futurecorporate and technical, then make an offer for them was difficult. Requested information, but nothing concrete. IMHO he added also Seedorf will renew as me, Nesta and Inzaghi, believe that the economic problem is exceeded, details settled. "
He instead decided to leave the Milan's Andrea Pirlo. "First of all thank him because he is a single player, a guy with whom I shared a lot in the field and off. If Milan in recent years has become highly-stressed Ambrosini-owes much to Andrea Pirlo. Go to Juve? For me I can go anywhere, what he did for the Milan remains ".
Welcome, however, was pastor. "In a team like AC Milan would be the great-is convinced Ambrosini-is one of the few footballers who are changing the face of a team. Also knows well the Italian Championship, would be less trouble to adapt than one that comes from abroad. " To understand is the future of Antonio Cassano. "It's already been very helpful in this League, it is normal-Ambrosini-explained that one as he used to be always the protagonist is a bit unfortunate in a more marginal role".
At this time, a possible shift from Udinese to AC Milan Asamoah would be impossible because of the rift had not yet been resolved within the League of serie A between large corporations and medium-sized organizations. It has clarified the rossoneri CEO Adriano Galliani. Attending an event in Milan with designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, Galliani microphones Sky is granted one digression. To those who asked if Asamoah-Udinese midfielder could be half a wing that Cannavaro want to reinforce his Milan responded: "Asamoha plays in a company with which you do not currently market because of the war in the League. Hence-said Galliani-at the moment I would say no. " Even Dolce and Gabbana, cheering rossoneri and dress the team of AC Milan, wished to say about the market. "Milan are so good that we see every year-they cut short. Leave the task to Galliani and Cheerful ".
"Playing one day with the Roma", his favourite team, remains the "dream" by Marco Amelia, who waits to see if Milan will confirm this. "Where I'll play next year? Good question, I hope Milan-AC Milan goalkeeper responded to the microphones of Sky. When it has resolved the contracts expired, Milan will also assess my situation, which is linked to the joint venture with the Genoa by Boateng. I believe that there are no major problems. According to the speeches that have been made until the last few days I think it's more likely that I remains in Milan ". Recovering from a season as Assistant to Christian Abbiati, Amelia's plans there is always the Roma. "I always said: my goal is to one day return to home, to dress the Jersey of the team that typhus, in Trigoria where I grew up. Among my attorney and who will be the future Sports Director of Rome there has been chatter-revealed the goalkeeper-but experience do weight only to the facts ".

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