Juve unleashed market: Drenthe runs to Count

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Drenthe linked with Juventus

Drenthe is the alternative to Bastos. But they can get both. The assessment is around 10 million, the deal fairly easy because the Real want to sell it. Confirmations for Ziegler. Pirlo: visits Monday? TORINO, May 20 - Fundamental and precious, so the summit took place yesterday between the leaders of Juventus. But it was not only important for planning strategies to reach Sergio Ag├╝ero and Carlos Tevez. Yeah, because the two Argentinians - the plans are drawn up by the leadership of a cherry pie that promises lots of ingredients. And there will be something for everyone. Ergo, of course, departments.
IN THE MIDDLE - Andrea Pirlo (understanding already found: three years from 2.7 million a season bonusrendimento until you get to 4) is about to become the first new signing for season 2011 - 12: on Monday the world champion could undergo the medical ritual. As anticipated, then it will be to adapt the former AC Milan Antonio Conte to their patterns of play (or, conversely, to change its ad hoc 4 - 4 - 2). While, on the contrary, it will be the same Pirlo outperform the competition of a team that - in what promises to be a well-stocked midfield.

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