Cerruti's post-match report Inter surge ahead

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The highest score goes to Mourinho's team, who crushed Ranieri's team in an impressive show of superiority. Well done also to Roma, Reggina, Fiorentina and Sampdoria. Lecce and Chievo are disappointing: they only deserve 4 points each in our post-match report

INTER 8.5 - The score, the highest of them all, has been awarded for the importance of success, which comes before performance. Because Inter hadn't beaten Juventus at the San Siro since 2004 (with Zaccheroni). Because they crushed Ranieri's team from start to finish, in an impressive show of physical superiority. And finally, because they've left Juventus 6 points behind them and Milan 3 points behind. They have started to surge ahead.

ROMA 8 - Their second consecutive win, which makes a nice change after such a terrible start to the season. In Lecce we saw Roma back in charge with three players finding the net. And Totti's chip seemed to start them on the long journey towards that fourth place. Well done to Spalletti for changing the formation, albeit belatedly, getting rid of the outfield positions and playing with two up front.

REGGINA 8 - From bottom to third from bottom, they're continuing their amazing climb back up the table, which is looking more and more like last year's comeback. Orlandi was right on the mark, by putting Cozza on the wing, behind Brienza and the back-in-form Corradi. Atalanta were overwhelmed and Juventus, who host the winners on Saturday evening, have been warned. Woe betide anyone who underestimates this Reggina who are back in amazing form.

FIORENTINA 7.5 - They made up for a nightmare of a first half with a fantastic display in the second when they destroyed Udinese with 4 goals. Welcome back to Montolivo who silenced his critics with his actions, as champions do. But Fiorentina must now show more consistency.

SAMPDORIA 7.5 - Bellucci opened the scoring with an amazing goal, Cassano closed with his trademark brace and Sampdoria are finally on their way, or even better returning to the heights of last season, bagging their fourth home win in a row. Taking three goals from Catania, who were one of the best in defence, was no mean feat, bearing in mind that they also scored three against Lecce last week. And so congratulations to Mazzarri who had never lost faith in them.

CAGLIARI 7 - Twice they fell behind, and twice they managed to draw level. Well done to Conti, the heart of the team, who sealed the 2-2 draw in stoppage time. Well done to Allegri who always puts out a good team. But hats off to Cellino, who backed the coach after the first 5 defeats.

TORINO 7 - Refereeing decisions aside, congratulations to Torino who played like a beast, especially after they fell behind. At 1-2, in the second half, we saw an unbridled team, led by a formidable Dzemaili and glowing with the class of Rosina. Stopping Milan wasn't easy and so the final score of 2-2 tasted almost as sweet as victory.

GENOA 6.5 - Firstly betrayed by the referee who disallowed a legitimate goal from Milito and then by Rubinho, of all people, who gave the draw to Lazio. But they played well and so Gasperini's beautiful Genoa were not disgraced by the draw, and Milito meanwhile retains his 2 goal lead over Gilardino.

SIENA 6.5 - They secured their first away win at Chievo. Don't be deceived by the two penalties converted by Galloppa and Maccarone in the last 7 minutes of the game. Their success was fully deserved and demonstrated the character of this new Siena, who have been quick to learn the lessons of Giampaolo.

UDINESE 6 - The score is the average of the 8 awarded for the first half and the 4 (like the goals conceded) for the second half. Confirmation of the huge potential of Udinese, who however failed to play with the consistency and conviction of the big teams.

LAZIO 6 - They struggled to regain their form after the derby defeat, allowing Genoa too much space. But if nothing else, they never gave up, and clinched a draw with a shot from Dabo, thanks also to the decisive help of Rubinho.

NAPOLI 6 - Their run of 10 home wins was broken in the most ridiculous way, allowing Conti to draw level in injury time. They paid for the mistakes made through inexperience, especially in defence, frustrating the progress made by the usual Hamsik and Lavezzi. But the fact remains that they're in third place and fully deserve to be there.

PALERMO 6 - They started badly, but finished better by snatching the 1-1 draw in stoppage time. Thanks to the substitutions made by Ballardini, including his clever move of putting on Succi, the Bolognese player who denied Bologna a victory, and to the attitude of the team as a whole. And so the question is this: why didn't Palermo play like this from the start?

BOLOGNA 5.5 - A taste of their own medicine. Having drawn level at home with Roma in stoppage time, they too were caught in stoppage time by Palermo, giving a final score of 1-1. And so Mihajlovic reaches his third 1-1 scoreline in a row. Meanwhile, Bologna slip down to second from bottom, displaced by Reggina, and deeply mourning the 2 failed attempts on goal by Di Vaio.

MILAN 5.5 - They went behind, struck by the goal from Stellone, but came back strongly with the 2 goals from the Brazilians Pato and Ronaldinho. But only to subsequently suffer under the pace of Torino who gave them the runaround. And leaving any arguments about the officials aside, Milan, the world champions, with their sights set on the scudetto, can't just throw away two points like that, looking up at Inter from 3 points behind, when they should be breathing down their necks from 1 point behind, within reach of overtaking them.

JUVENTUS 5 - They lost badly against Inter, never managing to relieve the pressure. Two shots on target, from Marchisio and Del Piero, weren't enough for a team who had won their last 5 games. But Juventus have already made one comeback and so it's too soon to count them out of the fight for the scudetto.

ATALANTA 4.5 - A shuddering start on the pitch of the more motivated Reggina and bringing on the weakened Vieri was of no use, as he squandered the chance of a goal which could have reopened the game. There's something hampering the team, especially away from home. And it would be a mistake to pretend that there's nothing wrong.

CATANIA 4.5 - Zenga was right to see red, as yet again Catania immediately fell behind and you can't always recover like you can at home. At Sampdoria they conceded their third defeat away from home, even though the 0-3 scoreline was only secured in the final moments.

CHIEVO 4 - Bottom again with 6 points, like the number of points separating them from salvation and the number of consecutive defeats. Whether with Iachini or Di Carlo, they're still playing the same tune and it's out of key, because when you lose 0-2 at home, even with two penalties, and your best player is the keeper, you're in trouble.

LECCE 4 - OK, they were facing the new Roma on the rise, but Lecce lost in the worst possible way, kissing their home invincibility goodbye. For the second week running they conceded 3 goals and this is what must cause the amazing, blameless Beretta to stop and think.

byAlberto Cerruti
Via: english.gazzetta.it

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