Kakà in the view-finder of City

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Just Kakà between the objectives market of the Manchester City lacked. Being to the British “The Observer”, in case of qualification to the next Champions, the owners of the club, and that is facoltosissimi the sheiks of the Abu Dhabi Group, would have in fact ready mega-offering for the Brazilian of the Milan. To reveal the possible free way to the negotiation it would have been the opinion of Diogo Kotscho, friend and spokesman of Kakà.

As the avances were not enough insomma of Real Madrid and Chelsea, here to dull last, “the authoritative one”, expecting to the unequalled one of Ancelotti. The last one, in order to say it as in reality it is, with a such economic availability from being able itself to allow “gustosissime” offered and throws again from capogiro. All, obviously, to send in via Turati where, at least up to here, the interest refusing but every proposal has ringraziato sentitamente for.

The things, seem obvious, they will change the day in which will be the same Kakà to feel itself flattered from engages several faraonici of the Calderon, Abramovich or Abu Dhabi Group. When, in other words, the money will begin to weigh more on the choices of the tie, by now hard - Kakà has recently revealed in an exclusive interview to SportMediaset of wanting to end the career in rossonero -, between the Brazilian and the Milan. Tant'è that the option Prime Minister is held in feet, says the Observer, from Diogo Kotscho, second which “Kakà would prefer a club like the Chelsea, Real Madrid or the Milan, but it is unknown never. This year the Manchester City does not have a square in order to gain Champions League, perhaps but the next season can enter in this competition, the perspectives is enough good. What it serves is that they have a great plan, to gain the Prime Minister and the Champions. Not there is alone Kakà, they will take the best players in circulation in order to go up to sure levels. Some year has succeeded the same thing with the Chelsea makes, also they will try to us”.

According to Kotscho the Manchester City is, in so far as, “in the just direction”, but “it must make a large job. It is not easy to go up to the same level of the greatest clubs of the world is not alone issue of money. You must spend well in order to construct a great square. In due-tre years they can do good the things in order”.

Useless to say that the milanista would be the ciliegina on a cake that would abound of other players of first class: according to how much the “News of the World”, in fact, City is on the point to already deliver the onslaught also to Steven Gerrard of the Liverpool and Michael Essien of the Chelsea to January.

A transaction suggested from the Hughes that it would pile to 80 million pounds: “Mark knows that the money is not a problem but it wants to carry in its square players who can adapt themselves to its plans, not to only spend for the taste to make it - a source near City to the tabloid says British -. To have Gerrard and Essien in the same one centrocampo he would be incredible”. And Robinho? It, than for the time being is the solo grandissimo to have married the cause of the sheiks, has not certainly used average words in order to clear to Calderon own intention to change air. “Better to make the wandering that to play in the Real”, he would have explained. Mah, if it to it says…

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