Ronaldinho to the Milan Wednesday

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The objective, in Milan house, is to introduce itself to the gathering with two great blows of market. For this in next the 48 hours, the rossoneri will tighten the times with Barcelona and Chelsea in the hope to close the transactions Ronaldinho and Shevchenko and to already begin the new season with the rose to the suit. According to the Spanish daily paper, for the Brazilian it will be closed to days. More complicated the relative speech to the ucraino.

But we go with order, Ronaldinho therefore. The unequalled Brazilian will not introduce monday to the gathering of Barcelona, sanctioning, of fact, the official breach with the club. To trigger the storm it has been the refusal of the blaugrana to grant to Dinho the permission in order to participate to Giochi of Beijing. In reality draft but only of a excuse, because all he leaves to mean that the trequartista of the Barça will land to the Milan within Wednesday and that, like already made with Kakà, the rossoneri will prevent he also to participate to the Olympic Games. This would not have for a long time to scalfire minimally the agreement found between the champions of the World and the Brazilian. And little it imports that of means us it is the Manchester City with an offer of 32 million euro. Ronaldinho will go to the Milan, because it is the Milan that it wants. When and as it is all to see. Galliani is a ready to close with the Laporta for 10 million, maximum 15, but not euro in more. In exchange for the “courtesy”, the Milan would be withdrawn from the race for Adebayor leaving to the Barça via free. I give ut to DES and all contents.

Less percorribile - but always possible - the road that door to Sheva. The Chelsea, than two years ago has paid ucraino 50 million, does not have intention to give it. Logical, therefore, than Abramovich it opposes a sure resistance to the coming offered ones from Milan. The problem of the patron Russian of the Blues is to get rid of Sheva being limited lessened the damages. The only solution, in so far as, seems to be therefore that of the loan (with right of redeems). Abramovich engages would save it, than while the ucraino it will be cut in order to approach itself the Milan, and would avoid a minus-valence from crack financial. For the definitive cession, then, of it would be spoken between a year. A point while is clear: Shevchenko, like Ronaldinho, only wants and exclusively the Milan. For Galliani an optimal point of departure.

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