Inter Still Negotiating Quaresma

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The negotiation seemed to be been shipwrecked after the arrival of Mancini to Milan and the talked nonsense one of 40 million from the Port. Quaresma, instead, can still become a player of the Inter and the transaction, or also not easiest, is still in feet. Mourinho feels concealment the player nearly (has its same proxy) and has asked Moratti an economic effort in order to make sure it. Indispensable, but, a reduction in price of the Port.

The speech, insomma, is much simple one: Quaresma wants to come to the Inter, but the operation has been up to here rendered impossible from the excessive pretensions of the portuguese club, that it had fixed the price of the trequartista to 40 million (or 32 million more Pelè). On these bases, it seems obvious, the Inter not draft not even. If but the champions of Portugal pleased themselves of 20/25 million, the nerazzurri they would be ready to close quickly also.

Much more than Mourinho it already seems to have overhead a formation with Mancini and Quaresma to act to the shoulders of Ibrahimovic. A tree of Been born them with an attack of great quality and an median one of substance that the portuguese technician would want to compose with Vieira, Cambiasso and, obviously, Lampard.

Own the English centrocampista would have to meet in the next few days Abramovich in order to make official to patron of the Chelsea its desire to move itself in nerazzurro. All, possibly, before the departure of the Blues for the tournée in China. Transfer which Lampard, in order to avoid the breach with the London club, would have decided to participate. While today it is the day of Mancini. The Brazilian will support new medical visits and will sign already therefore announced contracted. For the others, now, there is time.

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