Sagnol, Gattuso and Toni: it will be Milan-Bayern

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Milan and Bayern Munchen are there, set apart, speak softly driven in and about many arguments, all important. Already, because now on the table to which they are seated is reached also Willy Sagnol, lateral right of the national French, in force from 2000 to the Bavarian club. The player, originally, was not in the rossoneri plans: but the occasion has been materialized without warning under form of a breach with the Hitzfeld technician and of the wish more in general terms, to 31 years (has been born in March 1977) to change air and to make a new experience before closing in native land. Sagnol plays to right and theoretically it can be a “pioneer” of Zambrotta: in reality its arrival would not prejudice that one of former-juventino, the ready one also to return on the side left of the field or quite to be left over to centrocampo.

Sagnol comes estimated from Bayern 5-6 million euro: payable “cash”, or, even, considerables in an other operation that the Milan hopes do not have to manage, that is that of the passage to Monaco di Gennaro Gattuso, still and always tried from the German sirens. Via Turati it is making of all in order withholding “Ringhio” and closing the case, but the situation is much still uncertain one: the centrocampista, although I throw again of the Devil in Champions zone, the Victoria in the derby and the arrival of a player like Flamini (sure more appreciate than Ronaldinho), has not melted the reservoirs on its future. Rummenigge and the Bayern is there, that they wait for: and if Gattuso, indeed, had to greet the Milan is in absolute pole position.

At last, vicissitude-Toni: in spite of contract, goals and victories, continue the voices that already want the bomber to the Milan from the next season. However or, beyond an immediate will of return in native land, there are from melting extremely complex nodes like the cost of the player (the Bayern has paid slid summer 11 million to the Fiorentina) and above all that one I engage of it, since Luca perceives approximately 6 million annual ones. The much most probable one that the Milan, for the moment, asks the Bayern for being held informed and of being taken in consideration as first interlocutor in the event the things take a pull-up to surprise. An other argument of which speaking, speaking, to speak…

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