Cassano, the Real says yes to the reduction in price

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Real Madrid confirmation own will to leave the Samp Antonio Cassano. The loan of the native of Bari expires to fine season. I redeem era be fixed to 5.5 million euro. The merengues they are disposed to make a reduction in price the blucerchiati ones, coming down to 4 million. In exchange for the “favor”, the Samp will less accept the loan - or better the parking - from the Real of one of the used players of the rose, prababilmente the Soldado forward.

News these that some days before confirm asserted how much from the president of the Sampdoria Riccardo Garrone. “Cassano will remain to the Samp, is disposed to make a large sacrifice engages for” had said it Garrone. “Antonio is much sincere one and directed a boy. If it and its proxy will have other alternatives will go via, ago part of the rules”. The proposal of the leadership is a contract for the forward till 2013 to 2,5 million euro to season.

Cassano had declared of being disposed to engages it to ridursi in order to remain to Genoa, but the argument with the Mazzarri technician Sunday for the substitution in according to time against the Rome could open a fracture. The general manager of the Sampdoria Giuseppe has excluded it categorically to Marotta: “Unfortunately by now any thing face comes continuation with attention from the average, in reality not has been no diverbio with Mazzarri, it has simply said that he could still continue and that he was corporal good, but the mister has explained to it that it was better that exited in order to avoid useless cartellini”.

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