Cafu Leave Milan and also Italy

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The Brazilian has said goodbye to the Milan and now he leaves also Italy
“I have given a lot more than what I have learned”. Marcos Cafu says three days to it after the last game disputed in the Italian championship, a sad contest because, although the personal goal and the Victoria for 4-1 with the Udinese, the Milan is not successful to characterize itself for Champions League. “They have arrived here that I was already champion of the world with the Saint Paul and with they Brasi - the Brazilian outside remembers, in Italy from 1997 -. Something I have learned, or technically, or tactically, besides the joy and to the culture of Italian soccer and I will always carry this it in order in the heart, also in She brasi them”.

Cafu, 38 years to june, lists the greater successes of its career in our Country. “The greatest joy to I have had it to the Rome for the badge, gained after 18 years in which the Rome it did not conquer important badge or things. With the Milan - Sport tells in exclusive right to the microphones of “Study” - Champions League, than I had not never won and that I tried from a lot, the World-wide one for club, the badge, Supercoppa”. And now there is from programming a future in Brasi them, “even if I still do not know if I will play or not. I have had of the offered ones and this makes appeals to me, here I leave my son who will play with the Spring of the Milan I augur and it to make the career that I have made. Also the others my sons wanted to remain in Italy”, still say Cafu that it tells an anecdote of the last game, when the arbitrator Flour, during the contest with the Udinese, has asked to it to stop to laugh. “It is before the time that asks to me because I laughed. I had not made nothing. I without smile am a died man, but it has said to me to stop. And I have answered to it: “scusami, now in then I will cry”. The smile me will always remain, until God wants”. And with its Cafu smile it leaves the Milan and Italy…

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