Amauri: the Real exceeds Juve and Milan

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“Between the two litigating third party it enjoys”: it could be this, at the end, the destiny of Amauri. Considering offer from Juve and Milan, the centravanti Brazilian could soon take the way of Madrid. The Real, in fact, in the last hours has become part overbearing in the negotiations that Palermo is carrying ahead parallel with the two Italian clubs. The introduced offer to Zamparini is of 25 million euro cash: the double quantity regarding that putting in estimate from the remarkable advanced Juve and to that preventative from the Milan.

Desire of the bomber rosanero is famous for a long time. It would want to remain in Italy, but the intention of Zamparini is that of monetization most possible from its cession. Here because the Real, at the moment, seems to have more chances regarding the rivals. The negotiation between Juve and Palermo, like famous, has run aground on scoglio the Giovinco. The little one-large fantasista currently in force to the Empoli is the player asked (besides Nocerino) from the Zamparini-Gloomy brace the Juve in order to unblock the tractor one, but from Turin a dry refusal has arrived. Giovinco is considered the natural heir of Nedved and Ranieri wants already disporne in the next season.

The Milan, instead, is ready to insert in the tractor Gourcuff and Marzoratti, players whom they would make to come down the economic expenditure around 15 million euro. The offer of the Real, therefore, “risks” to become very more tempting regarding those than Milan and Juve. It will be enough in order to convince Amauri to leave the series and choosing the Liga?

On the negotiation between Palermo and Juventus the bianconero president Cobolli Gigli has expressed itself also: “Yesterday I was present to the last encounter, but creed that us has been an approach. In this moment one is not neither on yes neither on not, because like always in the negotiations new elements become part, other possibilities”, has explained Cobolli Gigli making reference to the interest of other clubs. “I do not know the names, Amauri is a player appetite and we are interested. The insertion of Milan and Real? It can be to us the Milan, the Real, the West Ham, but to me it interests that there are the possibilities for we and for Palermo to find a road in order to arrive to an agreement”.

On Giovinco, but the veto remains: “Giovinco is a player that we mean to bring back to the Juventus after the profitable season that it has made in the Empoli - explains Cobolli Gigli -. When we have looked at ourselves with Zamparini, we have felt ourselves to speak about Giovinco like one of the possible pawns that they could enter in the Amauri agreement. Zamparini has expressed its appreciation and its interest to having Giovinco, we have answered to it that it was much difficult one to put it in this package of negotiations because we want portartlo to house”. Exactly.

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