Champions League, Napoli-Chelsea 3-1: Lavezzi and Cavani sign the enterprise! rid

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 Champions League, Napoli-Chelsea 3-1: Lavezzi and Cavani sign the enterprise!

SOCCER CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Napoli CHELSEA - a evening that the Saint Paul will not forget easy, an other night from dream for targato Euro-Napoli Mazzarri. Nevertheless it badly begins the contest of the blueta, before the miracle of Cech denies the goal to Cavani, then, to half of the first one I fear is Juan Mata to sign the advantage of the Chelsea, propiziato from a erroraccio of Cannavaro. Napoli but is it demonstrates and it to the 37 ′ when the shooting of Lavezzi does not leave escape the Blues. The in the interval it is still piĆ  cake for the partenopei because to a pair of minuteren from it pauses arrives 2-1 of Cavani. The Chelsea returns in field trying the balancing to head lowland but the men of Mazzarri do not fall and give an other joy to own tifosi: Cavani exceeds Cech and Lavezzi servants whom, indisturbato, the way of the goal finds once again. The road is made in reduction, the Saint the 80 Paul is heated and to ′ May goes near the poker, but Cole succeeds to save on the door line. The time for a brivido is right to expiring, but Drogba does not succeed to find the door. Napoli enjoys its triumph and faces the contest of Stamford Bridge with enthusiasm: the qualification is to the capacity.

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