Calciomercato Juventus, the first one I reinforce here, Chedjou, Montolivo and Nainggolan, Aogo more and more close: the point on the bianconero market

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CALCIOMERCATO JUVENTUS - The continuous Juventus to sound the market in tries of possible grafts. It seems near the tesseramento the young person Appelt Pires that could make part in stable plant of the first square; while they are attempted it reinforces in defense, it dulls Chedjou, let alone to centrocampo, with Montolivo and Nainggolan always in the view-finder. At last, for it wrap left, eyes nose-dives on Aogo and Boilesen.Calciomercato Juventus, are Pires the first one rinforzoCalciomercato Juventus, between arrivals and departures in order to dream the scudettoCalciomercato Juventus, in defense is Chedjou, to centrocampo duel Montolivo-NainggolanCalciomercato Juventus, Aogo convinces

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