Inter lost agains Novara - Gassperini future at Inter is ?

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SERIES A NOVARA INTER GASPERINI - Caught up from the microphones of Sky Sport after the game lost against the Novara, the technician of the Inter Gian Piero Gasperini has released the following declarations: "That of this evening has been a most ugly contest, thought about being able it to play more offensively, instead every time that we have tried to play higher has made ugly figures. We must be humbler in field. The players are dispiaciuti like all, were convinced of being able to make a good contest and to give carrying out. Telephone call to Moratti? Not creed, we see. I must think to make my job. In this game we have taken schiaffo a much fort.
There are objective difficulties. The difficulty in running after the adversaries is obvious, when we have been more present to centrocampo we have disputed more concrete contests much. In future I augur myself can be various, will depend from condition, enthusiasm, but also other situations. Regarding the contest with the Rome I have put a forward in more but we have had more difficulty. I make myself strong of my job that has given to satisfactions in order much time to me. In this moment instead difficult one is creating me a test bench much, must some come outside. We will have to make a step behind and to try to have the control of the contest being avoided to endure a lot thus ".

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