Milan-Rome, contact Menez

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Not responding perfectly to Cheerfulidentikit, but mister X Milan might be Jeremy Menez. The news is not a simple market rumors because the rossoneri really probed the terrain with the Roma for the talented French, which is due in June 2012. The former player of FC Sochaux, landed in the capital in 2008 for 11 million euros, despite the denials of the brother-Agent does not want to renew and you're looking around to find a new team. TheArsenal has come forward Marseille , we are thinking, but at the moment Milan is the team starting in pole position.

Galliani boasts a credit from Rome about 10 million, linked to Borriellotransfer, and the fact Menez that next year can get free compels the giallorossi to sell it, with a sharp clash in this transfer window. The hypothesis that tickles the French Milan would be happy to find fellow- Mexes friend in a team that will play the next Champions League.

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