Gasperini as a coach of Inter

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Gasperini e Mourinho

NEWS -ritratto di Gasperini-Definition, doubts run on the web: chi mai there will train? -Nah Judah: that's why Leo is a true milanista ...-Moratti: "interested in Gasperini, but I could invoke Leo"-Inter Gasperini. Moratti: "satisfaction"


of Luciano Cremona

In recent days, basically, they thought all it was a joke, a way to distract attention. Inter fans expecting the coup President Moratti theatre. They waited, for magic, Inter pay clause for Villas Boas, or that could lead to the San Siro, Capello Hiddink. Or Mourinho. But what we all feared has become reality, with Gian Piero Gasperini has put his signature on a two-year contract with Inter. Not quite what I dreamed the nerazzurri fans.

It is clear. Few to openly criticize the former coach of Genoa. Person polite, scholar and great connoisseur of football, are in several writing, both on facebook and on the forum that "Yes, we took the best English coach on the square". But the moans are much more numerous of appreciations. On Interfans, the true virtual square that attract thousands of fans attending the nerazzurri, forum discussion on technician collects more than three thousand post in a few hours. Traveling on the wire of irony, almost of resignation: "Juve, we arrive. Next year we will fight with you for the seventh place ".

There is someone who rejoices: it is because along with Gasperini hasn't arrived even Michelangelo Rampulla. Allergy to former Juve has already peaked, brava Inter not exasperate the fans. The most vocal supporters of irishgunner but not resigns and protest, advancing once again the nomination of Walter Zenga. Even someone regrets Benitez, and find consensus. Purchases arrived in the evening by Brazilian wingback Viviano and Jonathan not warmed much fans. "Gasperini is Cheerful, ok, but serve the players". Someone however sees in the purchase of two young signal revival of company. Even if, deep down, is irony, that does pass, at least for a while, the concern of a difficult season.

The salary of Gasperini is the first target. "A year with a month Gasperson costa Mourinho". Always on Interfans you raise: "since that will be fired after four months, you will catch Gasperini 20,000 euros per day, blessed him". Here, people speak of waiver: "granted, if you don't win the Super Cup". Sector, famous blogger nerazzurro, throws on politics: "Moratti chose Gasperini because resembles Pisapia". Others are sure of the goodness of the prophecy that sees near the end of the world: "In a year: Mourinho-Benitez-Leonardo-Gasperini: the Mayans are right".

"It's the dawn of a new future," writes the Inter's official page on facebook. But the most terse comment comes from the nice folks at interistiorg. For them, the fate of Gasperini and Inter in the coming months is already written. Will: Gasperini and in July: "a great group." August: "A misstep, we have to react." Early September: "we are finding the balance". Late September: "the Group joined." October: "the public pays and has no reason to blow the whistle". November: "Feel the confidence of society". December: "Tell my truth but not now." January: "Inter thanks coach Gasperini …". Will go really well?

Gasperini is the right man for Inter's Bench? Have your say in the forum of the nerazzurri

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