Precious: "Boateng 90% remains in Milan»

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The President of Genoa: ' see us Tuesday evening, if not with Galliani resolves to say that there are serious problems, but I think you will "Milan, may 20, -Genoa is ' very close ' to purchase striker Lucas Pratto, 1988 classArgentine passport, with the community, pursuant to Chilean Universidad Catolica. The confirmed President Enrico Preziosi. "We are on track to conclude the agreement, we have not yet signed the contracts but we are neighbours. For me-explained Precious-is a strong player, then we'll see if the field will give me reason». Another Valuable negotiation that is following the transfer to Milan is the second half of the tag of Kevin Prince Boateng. «See us Tuesday evening, if not with Galliani resolves to say that there are serious problems, but if I have to give percentages, 90% will close Tuesday, smiled the President of Genoa, in the hope that "this telenovela runs out quicklyFrankly I don't think it is a big problem. "

-' is a somewhat complicated situation because he made up eight players and not just on Boateng, I hope not quarrel but I think that the friendship between the two companies will have positions conciliatory» continued Valuable, clarifying that "Inter has never come forwardthe talk will close between Genoa and Milan. If Boateng had to stay on Genoa we'll put on the market because after the explosion that took cannot afford. " It will also discuss the negotiation of goalkeeper Marco Amelia. «Genoa will make his requests, but Amelia does not fit in our programs-Precious-remarked: there is an agreement with AC Milan, we have already provided to the other. I hope that the parties keep their promises. "

-about goalkeepers, precious has blocked then on an interest for Viviano. ' I-told-that is half of Inter and Bologna, half of which is better solve their co-ownership and then eventually we'll do. The doorman we and the problem does not arise at this time. Crisco? His future will be at Genoa if there will be other companies concerned to pay the value right. " Precious has closed an immediate return to Genoa by Diego Milito, convinced that the Argentine "will still lead to Inter because he wants to redeem itself after this season. Lastly, President rossoblu denied interest Britos and Keyword and returned each speech about the coach who will replace Ballardini: «I speak next week '.

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