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Mino Raiola Ibrahimovic
Mino Raiola, the Procurator of Ibrahimovic, Balotelli, talked exclusively to Sport24 Sky microphones.
Feels a bit her this badge (go to)?
"Yes, maybe Yes. I'm glad that players who've advised and assisted did well, Ibrahimovic, Van Bommel, Robinho. I believe that there has been a great agreement between me and the company, but the credit goes to the company and players ".

Now serves as a great champion for Champions: Robben is on sale?
"No, I think it is absolutely overwhelming, and that does not deprive the Bayern of its best players. Though I think Robben is not the player suitable for this system which is playing for Milan, but this is my personal opinion. I'm working in January for the next shot, I hope to do so no later than 30 August ".
What is the most suitable player?
"Me lo tengo to me, maybe I am to 29 August".
Ganso, Lamela, Cristiano Ronaldo?
"They are all good players, but I don't think any of these three additions".
Van Bommel.
"Our first goal is the Milan".
Ibrahimovic thing you told this season? When it was more complicated for you to handle it?
"It is seen that this year the umpires have overreacted a bit weird with him. I also saw in the last game, FIFA, to Palermo, I saw a clear penalty on him. I don't think he should expect to have a penalty for the next year, by arbitrators we only expect strange things. It was a delicate moment when he realized that there was something wrong and was out of the team for technical reasons. However, once you have figured out, you must accept and you have to go forward. He has done. We have said ' go to Milan to win the scudetto ': when he joined Inter Milan won, came from a big fasting and won ".

How much desire he has to win the Champions?

"The desire to win the Champions is so large that it explains. We must work to win, have a strong team around, have a bit of luck ".

Balotelli: is maturing?

"For me to not discuss the man. Is a guy who misses part of his age, but has a big heart and right values. Discuss sometimes his choices, but out of the news that we do not comment and who are almost all false. I believe that yesterday has done a great gift to Mancini, because the merit goes to Left-handed, he has worked throughout the year, gave him confidence, did grow. It is a bet won by Mario and Roberto. Balotelli still needs to grow, it will, I hope as soon as possible ".
But Balotelli wants to stay in Manchester?
"We must create a calm environment around him. Also next year remains at Manchester City, he signed a 5 year contract a year ago, the company does not want to sell it, so that Roberto has invested upon him Mario has guaranteed for next year, wants to take another step forward. It's an extraordinary player. Complete players like him, his age and his physical strength and technique, there are few. If he is calm in the choices that is off the field, is one of the strongest in the world ".
One of your first strong players was Nedved: not by a hand even to Juventus? You went with Juve to speak with Mancini?
"Don't ever comment on things I do. Help me asking when Nedved, always, and when Juve asks if they can help you say Yes. But I must ask, and I must follow ".
Have you ever wondered?
"No, for now, no, I don't think they need me, have great professionals like Marotta and Paratici".
Nedved would be geared towards that coach?
"This you have to ask him, I know but I would like for me. Nedved has a role as Advisor, we will see what will be his role in the future. "
Who would you recommend?
"It is difficult. I say that Italian football needs entirely a Juve win, why is it important for Uefa, for the series and is important for the Juve build a team that can challenge for the scudetto. "
Villas-Boas is freed from the port?
"I think is a very interesting character, he had great teachers, great experience, but I think he now has to be the Champions as coach of the team that he built. Has proven to be a good coach, but I don't think it is the only one around. The coach does not choose by name, but you choose on a per-project basis. Juve should first define the project and then humans. Mistakes that made the Comment in the past, brought them forward for years. "

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