Milan, Allegri: ' Hamsik, Asamoah and Montolivo they are great players '

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"We seek a player left from Milan". Massimiliano Allegri comes to market. Coach Benitez said the microphones of Sport24 Sky: "Are in daily contact with Galliani, but he is a master of the market and knows what to do. Wea left turn, a midfielder with aptitude to do some goal. We must find a Player from Milan, which is the hardest thing. Hamsik and Asamoah are great players, like Montolivo. We talked about a lot, definitely Galliani will right ".

Here is the full version of the interview of Merry to Sky.
You are in contact with Galliani on the next market?
"They are in contact daily with Galliani but the market thinks, knows what he must do. I think it is a master. There have been many reconfirmations, someone is party, two major players have already arrived and, as I believe Galliani, said that the objective number one is a left midfielder.

Do you like Hamsik? This could be him currently?
"Who does not like Hamsik? But there are also many others who can do calmly that role and then must find a player from Milan, this is the hardest thing ".

Hamsik or Asamoah?
"One has already said, the other is only two years of play. But they are two very young players and great future ".

"He is a great player."

There is a name to all that you did Lionel?
"No, we talked about many players and will surely that Galliani more useful to Milan. Must be a left midfielder with skills to make some goals. "

Only one purchase?
"Only one purchase, Yes. A single purchase. Also because it is a party of high quality player like Andrea Pirlo. I make him a great luck. For him, the latter was not a lucky year. There was a farewell consensual and definitely made me a strange effect see Juventus, one of the players who have made the history of the last ten years of Milan ".

What year was your first to Milan?
"A year of intense but I think all the years, I hope so, I'll spend to Milan will be intense. Also because there is a breather, there is a lot behind the other. This year we have abandoned the Champions honestly a bit too soon. We had the misfortune to get knockout Champions undeservedly because lacked many players and this has recorded on passage of the round ".

What was the most important moment that lived inside the locker room this year?
"I was very clear Gattuso, telling him that for me was an important man and I had the pleasure that remained. The thing that most impressed me was the finishing exercise before the derby to return ".

Do you think this Milan is already competitive for Champions?
"I think Milan was competitive even last year. Unfortunately we arrived with men to compete in the round of 16. It is normal that Mexes and Taiwo to reinforce an already very strong defensive and certainly at this time, as a role, we need a quality player. "

So the gap with Real Madrid and Barcelona are in existence?
"Milan has several samples and then definitely next year we will tackle Champions and much more competitive."

A Deputy Ibrahimovic will arrive?
"No, because we already have four players with whom we have finished the Championship, more indents by injuries by Paloschi and Inzaghi. I think six attackers might suffice. "

Also this year's Milan will seek strong market in January?
"It's hard to say now. Last year nobody could imagine that we could have need of other players. The company gave an important signal going to pick up Van Bommel, Emanuelson, Legrottaglie and Dídac. They came four players although Didac and Legrottaglie played only one game, while the other two, especially Van Bommel, was an important player at that time and at the end of the season. "

Also Cassano came, in addition to these …
"Cassano, sorry, and then came five. Cassano was questioned but he made 4 goals, 8 assists and was instrumental in Milan, arriving in January after being three months without ever trained. "

When it was eliminated from the Champions, he feared that the esonerassero?
"No, I never thought, not least because when we were eliminated from the Champions were in the head. Unlike the League, where continuity brings to victory in the Champions episodes and the time when games become fundamental. It is normal that next year we will try to get ahead as possible. "

The Champions is the true objective of next year?
"No, the objectives will be League Champions and Italy Cup. Next year we will aim to win the Championship and get as far as possible in the Champions. "

The surprising failure of Abbot in convening National?
"Prandelli has summoned players who felt more appropriate to convene. I can say that the Abbot has grown a lot, did a great Championship, has acquired great security has improved in many things and I think still has plenty of room for improvement ".

What is the team that is moving better on the market?
"Juventus. Inter has yet to play the Cup final Italy and Rome is still settling down from the company point of view. It will be a summer with a cheap by other companies, seeing that Milan has already operated with the grafts Mexes and Taiwo and now we lack only a block from here on August 31, I believe we will be able to enter ".

About Mourinho.
"The facts and findings give reason extensively. Discuss the results on Mourinho and technically would be insane. In the end what counts is to win in soccer and Mourinho at Inter has done an amazing job. "

In the event of another major victory of Milan, there promises to dance like Boateng?
"Dance? Are denied, Guidolin was very brave. Sing maybe yes, I will prepare. Boateng has danced very well, but sings even better, as well as Seedorf. "

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