Fiorentina, goodbye Montolivo: "The contract is not to renew"

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Riccardo Montolivo

"I decided not to prolong my relationship with Fiorentina: I put myself at the complete disposal of the company to decide together the right decision." It said Ansa said Riccardo Montolivo has long been at the center of rumors and a contractual negotiation with violet club which lasted from April 2010. "But I would say not to have taken commitments with any other company-continued the captain viola accompanied by his attorney Giovanni Branchini-Fiorentina For me has always been a priority, I love this shirt but i doubt that I had to take a pause for reflection, not left: is not a matter of money or a project, just that compared to a few years ago, something has changed, the climate, the environment, the Valley that also for the many work commitments have gradually removed.

However, if the company wants to keep me here until June 2012, until the end of my contract there will be no problems, I would joyfully, wouldn't it be a punishment. " Purple executives are already aware of the decision of the player who has informed him in a meeting last Friday in Florence.

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