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 Adriano Galliani confirms Precious's words: "all confirmed. The agreement between the two companies there, now lacks the signatures of the players, but I really think there will be problems. I already heard Boateng and are happy, a lot. If Amelia will remain at Milan? I think so. Paloschi? Will start to pick up and then I think that will remain, not least because maybe we Pato in the America's Cup. The price of Boateng? Yes, it cost seven million, three-year payment.

 18: 45. Kevin Prince Boateng isentirely of Milan. The company has redeemed the half back line that belonged to Gena 7 million. He explained the President of the club was relegated again, Enrico Preziosi, at the end of today's meeting (nearly four hours) with the ad Milan'sAdriano Galliani.
"Two companies like Genoa and Milan cannot litigate, so we found the deal and Boateng will be entirely a player of Milan", Preziosi explained, leaving the Diocese of Milan.
Milan redeem even Amelia, Strasser, Paloschi, Ambitions and OduamadiThe only player in between the two companies will Berettastriker. Sokratis instead goes to Genoa.
15: 20. Enrico Preziosi, President of Genoa, is arrived at via Turati, without releasing statements. Present at the meeting also with Massimiliano Allegri Galliani.
12 Hours. Adriano Galliani will meet at the headquarters of Milan, via Turati President of Genoa,, , Enrico Preziosi at 15.
The two will discuss the ransom Kevin-Prince Boateng, already set at EUR 7 million (6 more than one for the Scudetto won).
Then off to discussions on co-ownership Amelia: Marco, Alberto Paloschi, Giacomo Beretta, Rodney Strasser, Gianmarco Zigoni and Oduamadi.
The two would discuss Sokratis and Kucka: the first could make return to Genoa, the second landing at Milan.

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