De Silvestri: The new defender of Fiorentina

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FLORENCE, 27 August - After nine years lived to the Lazio it has been hard to come via, but I want to specify that I have not gone via from this society but from its president: for via of this person the wish remaining by now it was little. Lorenzo De Silvestri in occasion of its official presentation to Florence has said. I have decided to come to the Fiorentina because they have made me to understand that it wanted to me, to begin then from Corvino - the new defender has continued viola - and I wanted a serious plan like what it has this society.

RISK the REFERRING - As for Lotito it has added not to be able to explain all, otherwise risk the referring. The president of the Lazio also has mistaken to define me mercenario, holds to specify that in order to come here I have left two monthly salary; I augur myself that Lotito the destinies in beneficence, I will inquire myself and I will make to know you.