Milan Loan Sanderos from Arsenal

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Contropiede of the Milan. Own when it seemed vanished the negotiation, the Milan confirmation the purchase of Philippe Senderos. The negotiation has not been still made official from the two societies but the passage on loan of the Swiss from the Arsenal seems sure by now. Struck the competition of the Newcastle that it had offered to the Gunners approximately 15 million euro for the defender but will of the player it seems to be be determining.

After Shevchenko, Ancelotti has its defender finally. A solid defender, with international and already ready experience in order to take in hand the rossonera rearguard. Senderos is the dowel that lacked to the rossonera formation, the just man in order to complete a rose that - now yes - is between the two best ones of the championship. Insomma, like saying from Galliani in times not suspiciones, today the Milan is indeed the Queen of the market.

A careful market, little expensive under the economic profile and which, if own goes found a defect, it is only lacked the forward centers them of weight. Role that, but, can occupy and will occupy Borriello. Ancelotti has the square whom it wanted and can now begin to work in order to arrange its battleship. That still, or also constructed, never it has not been born. In a week, the rossonero technician will have to invent the anti-Bologna square in order to begin the championship to the large one.

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