“We are dealing Lampard”

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Moratti returns to speak, to esternare. As well as, of all, as it has always made before the tormented days of the storm-Mancini and the advent of Mourinho. The future, the market, the trainer, Ibrahimovic: the patrons interista have not hidden behind the omissis. Here, point for point, its thought:

“All consider it a great player, but this does not mean that or easy to take it, however contacts with the Chelsea creed are. Attacking? Mourinho us of it has not asked. Deco puo' to serve but or arrives he or an other. Aquilani? To who it does not appeal to but, I repeat, we will take a solo median. Xavi does not interest to us”.

'' Certainly that he returns - it has assured the president nerazzurro-. Mourinho wants to understand well as it is and also which are its objectives in making part of that which sara' however an important rose for the next year ''.

“We exclude the surgical participation, will be enough a beautiful period of vacation and rest. I refute that cisiano crazy figures in the agreement, I confirm instead that the agreement is and is born its will to direstare in order to gain Champions League and being riconosciutocome the best player of Europe.

“Ibra has signed the rinnovodel contracted? Creed of yes, I do not sign them the contracts… ”. It is the average admission of the president of the Inter, Moratti Maximum, on I renew of the contract of the Swedish forward, but not to “crazy figures”, he emphasizes. “I refute that there are of average crazy figures, I confirm instead the agreement that is born its pleasure above all to remain to the Inter, from its desire, than then it is also ours, to gain the Champions and to become, with the mesh nerazzurra, the important soccer player piu' in Europe”, has said Moratti before its participation from the theater box of Woorkshop 2008 of F.C.

'' In a caused moment exceptional from the succeeding surprise for an unexpected one, us puo' to be the temptation to difarsi of the exceptional plans, but lavita is made of little ones steps. Now Balotelli has a grandeallenatore, and is the occasion in order to make to see what it is worth. Then guadagnera' what it deserves ''.

'' It is not that to this we had studied it before thing, but once forced to having to change I have thought had to be taken number one. The subscriptions to +30%? Mourinho enters there, there is curiosita', the wait and therefore a greater push. For the market we have made two various lists… joke, obviously. Or Mourinho that Mancini before he problems have not never created on the campaign acquires. The attempt is obviously that one to put on a Vincente square. Mancini is successful, Mourinho has up to now not made demanded impossible ".

“Creed is margins in order to recompose the issue, gia' is felt. We will see…”.

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