Official: Amauri is of the Juventus

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Now finally he is official: Amauri is a player of the Juventus. After days of agreement but without company and after to have supported tuesday the medical visits, the forward has oed to Vinovo where it has signed the contract will tie that it to the bianconera society for four years to approximately 4 million euro to season (3,5 of engages more several prizes for the attainment of personal objectives and square). Al Palermo goes more instead 12,5 million euros the cartellino than Nocerino and the co-ownership of Lanzafame. “Meritiva Amauri a great square” has declared after the company the ds of Palermo Gloomy.

The official official notice of the published bianconera society on the site, but, does not speak about Lanzafame: no inghippo, no mystery, solo a delay of bureaucratic character legacy to Bariums, that it boasts till 31 May a pre-emption for the half of the cartellino of the player. The society biancorossa is already in agreement with the Juventus and it will not create problems: indeed, it will on loan strengthen its tie with the bianconeri obtaining, in future, other young people of the vivaio. This the text of the famous one of Course Galileo Ferraris: “The Juventus has perfected the following agreements with Palermo having acquired a tito it definitive of the right to the performances sport of Carvalho de Oliveira Amauri for an amount of 22,8 million euros, payable in three installments anniversaries. Juventus and the soccer player has undersigned a four-year contract of sport performance. Of the agreement it makes part the cession a tito it definitive of the right to the performances sport of Antonio Nocerino for an amount of 7,5 million euros, payable in three installments anniversaries”.

“They have arrived in Italy from disowned and after eight years me meeting future protagonist of a square who has the Victoria in the DNA. For me it is a dream, a Victoria personal”. Amauri is introduced thus to the Juventus. The centravanti Brazilian the effects have become bianconero to all, signing a four-year contract with the Old Mrs. “The company has arrived today - Amauri explains - but could ago arrive also past week or two weeks. The agreement already had been caught up”. “Also the Milan had been interested me, is true, but as I have always said my proxies my first chosen was the Juve. About the interest of the Juventus of it was spoken already from January and I wanted to understand what was of concrete”, by now says the former player of Palermo.

“Well - it adds - when I have met the leaders I have quickly understood that what I read on newspapers was true. Also the possibility to play in Champions League has been important for my choice”. In its long Italian militancy, Amauri has covered more positions: “With the Chievo I have made the second tip. The year to Palermo I have made before and me it is piaciuto. My fortune is to know to cover both roles”. The offensive unit of the Juventus now is richest. Amauri joins to Of the Piero, Trezeguet and Iaquinta. “They are flattered to play with Alex, David and Vincenzo… three formidable champions. They are here also in order to grow and to play my papers to me”, says the Brazilian. “The championship of this year already demonstrates the force of this square: it has capocannoniere, vicecapocannoniere. The next year will sure be aimed to gain something and the organic one in order to succeed to us is. The Juve always has won, always has been the Queen of Italy and Europe and wants to return to be it. And in this return I would want to be to us anch'io”.

The adventure in bianconero of Antonio Nocerino ends thus that has been sacrificed in the negotiation for Amauri “without rancor” like says he, but with some rimorso. “This is a goodbye says the centrocampista leaving Vinovo- is going to Palermo, is content and proud of the choice, because it is a great public square, an optimal square and a great city. I approach myself house and this makes much happy one me. I do not see the hour to begin with the new mesh”. A cession that but leaves a little of bitter in mouth. “Effectively not there is riconoscenza if they have left me to leave thus. They are not astonished, in soccer not us wonder more. The players go and come. But they are however honored to have worn this mesh, we have let very well and without rancor. They are found much good to me to Turin. But now everyone for its road…”.

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