Milan on Moutinho: and Pirlo?

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Ariedo Braida, sport director of the Milan, reserves round-trip for Lisbona. The address to catch up is the center of the Sporting, the reason of the raid calls Joao Moutinho, genietto pocket of the centrocampo of the biancoverdi and the National Portuguese. The rossonero club, to surprise, is interested to minium-headquarters (1,70 for single 61 chili), element from race that, but, has also a considerable technical figure. The offer of Via Turati, besides a million package (radiomercato says a fortnight), is ready to on loan put on the scale also the cartellino of the lateral Argentine Leandro Grimi (already moved to the Portugueses in the slid market of January) and that one of Storari Mark, re-entered to the base after the positive season lived between the poles of Levante and Cagliari.

Al beyond the outcome of the operation, hits that the Milan, confirmed Gattuso and taken Flamini, or on the tracks of an other centers them of centrocampo: it marks them that, to beyond the most comprehensible ones and justified refutation, would indicate that indeed Andrea Pirlo is released the red alarm: the mega-offered committees for Harry rossonero Potter are a sword of Damocles under which sleeping it is indeed risky.

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