Milan, Galliani ' Flamini is not the substitute of Gattuso'

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Adriano Galliani assures that the arrival to the Milan di Flamini will not involve the cession of Gattuso: "it is not here in order to replace Rino, is in a position to playing in all roles of the centrocampo. If Flamini will exceed the medical visits tomorrow, will be able to sign inasmuch as it is in contract expiration and has informed the Arsenal in order to make all the second Uefa rules ". The median French, according to Sky, will sign a four-year one from 5,6 million euro.
Rossonero vice-president does not fear the disappointment of the tifosi for the refrained one in the Ronaldinho transaction: "They would have to be happy why we are champions of the world and today we have gained the derby".
At 22,20 Mathieu Flamini, the acquisitions of the Milan, has arrived to Milan towards 20 and 40 and has gone to supper, together to its proxy in the restaurant of property of its next companion of square, Kaladze. I engage of the median French is annunciator from vice-president Galliani endured after the Victoria on the Inter

Adriano Galliani is not decomposed, in spite of the Victoria of the Milan in the derby: "the happiness is contained. The Fiorentina in last the two years always has been characterized for the Champions and I do not know what will make quest’ year. One what is sure, who will arrive fifth will not have failed. All large d’Europe sooner or later are ended in Uefa. And’ a competition that is worth little, but is not a drama. We today have dominated l’to Inter’an hour and ten. Then they have come outside. The important thing is that we now are quarters and gaining two left we are in Champions. We are craftsmen of our destiny, very knowing that all the contests are difficult to play. We are making what there are process to make. Three left and three victories, the things now are changed. Pippo? It makes a goal to game. Its problem is that to 35 years it has some ailment. That God ce the conserves healthy. If it serves to Donadoni? I leave to Roberto the job of ct of the National one. I am not a technician, I am only a leader ".

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