The doubts of Moratti: Benitez or Mourinho?

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If Mancini leaves, the Spanish of the Liverpool in advantage on the Portuguese.

The last frontal crash between Maximum Moratti and Roberto Mancini, gone in wave in more round from the derby in ahead, has made the serious wounded (the president) and a victim (the technician). The first one is stews of the second, than it is not nearly never in agreement with the first one and it is not worried of the arrival of a third party. It is a most banal issue of character. Moratti is a little incontinent - old defect that has filled up newspaper pages also in the moments gets worse of the Inter - but, from above of its role, has right-must say what it thinks about the square and the choices of its trainer. Mancini, instead, is a “rebel”, one that not chip ax critical and, however, when it comes hit reacts nearly like instinctive gesture. Not ago it calculates, in this, and it is not worried of the consequences than ago or says. It lives, in some way, from free man. Those costs that costs.

The problem problem - if draft - it is but that the price to pay this time is salato. Because Moratti for a long time thought to change the technical guide of the square. Because Mancini, from the Liverpool in, never has then not changed idea on its goodbye to fine championship. And because Barcelona has chosen Guardiola and, consequently, it has left Mourinho the Inter. Mourinho, and who otherwise? He is Bravo - even if Grant its has inflazionato sets in action -, it has the apt character in order to manage “a rognosa” square like that nerazzurra, has international experience and, above all, it is on the market. He or Benitez, that it appeals to the good Maximum so much, in Champions it makes faville and of the Liverpool not of it can more. Mourinho, Benitez, Mancini.

The issue will come shortly resolved time. Mancini will gain Sunday its third consecutive badge with the Inter, will make festivity with the square, will embrace Moratti like a father and, perhaps, it will resign the readmission. Perhaps, but, because of fact, and this is the point, the trainer of the champions of Italy does not have alternatives. He had, or he believed to have them, when he announced the goodbye after the Liverpool (City of the Eriksson friend seemed interested, but today first chosen he is Scholars). In this moment, but, not there is a single square between the large ones of the European panorama that tasks to the technician of Jesi. Not in Italy, where the Mancio does not collect many consents, and not in England, where it would be returned gladly. This absence of alternatives will weigh a lot in the trial of strength between the president and the trainer. It will weigh at least how much the badges, the arguments, the opinion of the leaders and that one of some player. The game, insomma, is unannounced still long and pulled. To fine May the triple one I hiss.

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