Milan: Flamini Ready for the medical visits

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To the beginning of the next week the last formalities and the company

Milan- Flamini
made transaction. In order not to only alter the equilibriums to the inside of the square in the race for the quarter place in championship the rossoneri leaders have decided to wait for (like in the style of the society) announcing the agreement with the centrocampista of the Arsenal. True E' also that it still lacks the company the contract but draft of a pure formality why by now the agreement has been caught up: I engage from 4 million euro to season until 2013.

The Arsenal by now is rassegnato to lose the French player while the Juventus has been withdrawn from the negotiation why disposed to only offer 2 million euro of engages. To the beginning of the next Flamini week it will communicate to Wenger its decision to leave the Arsenal in order to land to the Milan and then it will ask the authorization for sottoporsi the medical visits to Milan.

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